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Frequently Asked Questions

We are working on a nice little Frequently Asked Questions section.. During this early phase, we need you guys to let us know what you need! So if we haven't covered any of them below, send us your questions, and we'll respond asap.

Where is my blog?

Your blog will be at:
Tip: When logged-in, at the top-right of the page, you will see a link that says 'my account'. Once there, click on the link that says 'your blog is here'

How do I post to my blog via web?

You can post to your blog by simply visiting your blog, and then clicking the 'create new post' in the left sidebar.

How do I post to my blog via phone or email?

You can post to your blog via phone, email or web. For instructions, go to your control panel, and follow the 'instructions for blogging link'.

Where is my secret email address?

Once logged-in to City2, just click on the 'my account' link (above and to the right) and scroll down to the star that says, "Your Secret Email (for mobile blogging) is Here"

Why the long secret email addresses?

It's just one of many precautions we've used to keep out spammers! To make it easier to post quickly, make sure and pre-program your phone with special C2 contacts!

How do I blog responsibly?

We highly recommend you check out this great link: Principles of Citizen Journalism

Are there rules for citizen blogging?

Not too many! But if you blog with City2, you must abide by the community agreement. We also strongly encourage a culture of openness, fairness, and correct classification. In short, be open, be fair, be honest! We have enabled your blog with special 'key tags' that will ensure your opinion, sports, news, or arts posts make it to the appropriate feed category.

What's a 'tag'?

A tag (or meta-tag)is a (relevant) keyword or term associated to a piece of information. City2 has pre-made a few tags that will help you classify your posts so that they show up in the correct feed on the news page. For example, if you tag your most recent post about your trip to the new exhibition at the museum, you would add the tag 'sbarts'. After you've completed your entry, your new 'arts' post will show up in the 'arts' category on the News Page!

For a list of City2 category tags, click here.

For a more detailed explanation of meta-tags, click here.

How do I embed a YouTube Video on my blog?

It's easy. Simply go to your movie on YouTube, and copy the 'Embed' link code. Then, simply go to your new blog entry, click on 'HTML' in the toolbar, and paste the code directly into the text field. Then click the 'update' button and you should see your video appear in the text area! Then add your own explanation or commentary and post!

Why can't I see my control panel?

Make sure you're logged in! If you're still having trouble, let us know here.

I'm a local publisher. Why aren't you feeding my headlines through City2?

We try to feed everything available in the community. If we're not feeding your headlines, it may be because:

  • We don't know about you (yet). If you are able to determine that the issue is none of the following (#'s 2, 3 and 4) then please don't hesitate to contact us!
  • You don't have an RSS feed or your RSS feed may not validate. A good way to check can be found here: Feed Validator
  • You might have bad pub-dates. This basically means that your RSS dates are incorrect (therefor bumping your headlines ahead or behind everyone else's).
  • You publish in a 'clump' or 'batch'. This means that you publish all your RSS feeds at the same time. This can cause multiple problems. While it may be practical from a publishing standpoint, best practice would be to publish as they are written - or to stagger the release of your articles.
  • If you are sure that you don't have any of the above issues, feel free to contact us, and we will look into it!

    More to Come

    We're still compiling our big list of FAQ's. Feel free to leave a question on the support page!