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When you sign up for a (free) City2 account, we automatically set you up with your own free local blog. You can use it to:

→ Publish your own 'letter-to-the-editor' without getting ignored or edited.

→ Share photos and video of your favorite places around SB from your phone.

→ Share embedded videos and images.

→ Be prepared to share breaking news when you're near something important.

→ Review local restaurants (or anything else).

* To see how other people are using their City2 blogs, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Why should I join?

For starters, you'll be the newest part of a wonderful online community of engaged and interesting local people of course! City2 is the fastest growing citizen-journalism and news-aggregation site in the region.

Another reason to sign up for a 'citizen blog' is for yourself! City2 gets considerable web-traffic, so blogging through us is a great way to get exposure. Keeping a blog can showcase your writing, photos, wit, reviews or documentary-making skills. Many bloggers have gone on to become film/food critics, to land book deals, or become experts in their blogging field-of-interest. You never know who might stumble across your blog.

Why City2?

We believe that it is important for people to have access to tools that allow them to educate and inform (and entertain) each other.

Is 'citizen news' a replacement for newspapers?

No. We believe that both (traditional and citizen media) are essential. Citizens can and do play a critical role in keeping newspapers and other media sources honest.

How does it work?

Blogging with City2 is easy. Just sign up for a free account, and we'll automatically set you up with your own blog in 5 minutes or less. After that, you'll be able to immediately post via web or email. Or you can enter your mobile number into our system (totally secure) and start sending photos from your phone to your blog.

Subject-specific posting (aka tag your own content)

All your posts will automatically show up on our Local Headlines page. But we've also created several 'special tags' so that you can self-classify your posts. This way you can write an opinion piece one day, and a photo post another day, and they'll show up in the selected category on the headlines page.

Community Blogs

You'll also have the ability to post to any of the community blogs. This is especially helpful if you want to keep a purely 'soccer' related blog, but want to share sunset pictures from time to time. Just post the sunset shots to the Community Photo blog!

Local Photostream

All images published with our system will show up on the photostream page.

Here are some of our favorite City2 bloggers:

Santa Barbara Man About Goleta
A fantastic blog by native Paul Rivas about life in a post-multicultural Santa Barbara.
Almost Native Son
'ANS' is full of all sorts of great local stuff. Great Jesusita Fire photos, hidden park reviews, and the occasional mobile photo.
The Undercover Nutritionist
A local nutritionist who takes covert photos from the check-out lane and secretly critiques your diet! She supplements her undercover operations with great posts about staying healthy, shopping tips, and peanut butter debates.
The Savvy Boomer: SB's Senior 'Senior' Correspondent
A great blog kept by Sue Levine; mother, blogger, entrepreneur, grandmother, and adventurer. She's got lots of great local tips &fabulous photos.
The Bellicose & Bucolic
Local artist Saul Grey-Hildenbrand publishes a daily cartoon to his blog, making him one of the most prolific bloggers on City2. His dry, literary, and witty style is addictive.
Mr. Pottymouth
Mr. Pottymouth hates dirty restaraunt bathrooms. And he isn't scared to write about it. His funny critiques and occasionally questionable grammer make for an entertaining (and informative) read.
Mr. Horrible
No relation to Mr. Pottymouth, Mr. Horrible is apparently a knife-brandishing, gourmet-cooking, Indian-music-playing, father-of-three. Read at your own risk.