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Don't Be a Swine... Use Your Arm (Flu Etiquette)

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As I was picking up a few things at Longs yesterday, I couldn't help but notice (and occasionally dive for cover when seeing) that most people are still sneezing and coughing into their hands. I was particularly aware of all the hacking and sneezing around me because I, like anyone else who hasn't been hiding under a rock for the past week, know that Swine Flu is afoot (overhyped or not).   

In the past, I have been willing to forgive 'hand-screening', since it is based on a commonly held misconception that it is the polite and prudent thing to do, especially when you'd rather not be blasting particulates from your mouth and nose onto everything in the vicinity. As you might imagine, if you keep using your hands, you'll be taking all those wonderful little micro-jibs and spreading them to doorknobs, handles, and of course other peoples hands.  

I am now (clearly) on a no-hand-screen awareness campaign. So what to do about keeping little germlettes from shooting across the room?

Use your sleeve for Pete's sake! Or more specifically, your elbow-pit (otherwise known as your "medial epicondyle", or the "crook-'o-the-elbow").

The hand-screen's glory days have gone on far too long.  Maybe this is because no one feels natural saying the word 'elbowpit' (my spell-checker doesn't even give me any love).  Awkward body part identification or not, something's gotta give.  I don't want my 1980's hallway high-5 to loose it's luster because my BFF couldn't sneeze in his elbowpit.

It snot that hard.

Here's a demo:

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