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Women's Soccer: Avia's Cosmos get Vortexed by Sierra 3-zip

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I went to the 9am Women's soccer game today between Cosmos and Sierra at La Cumbre Middle School. The field (as always) was very bumpy, and very wet from the night before which made the game just a little hectic (but all the more entertaining).   Sierra gained the upper hand early, with all three of their goals being scored before the end of the first half.  The Cosmos (who are normally a very formidable team) were short 2 players - and though they struggled, fought valiantly and hard until the bitter end.  

On a side note.. It is beyond me why these local adult league games (Women's and Men's soccer) are not better attended.  Bafflingly, the sidelines often only consist of boyfriends, girlfriends, occasional parents and injured players.  However, the level of play, and quality of entertainment is in my opinion worthy of a much bigger audience.  I highly recommend showing up with your lawn chair, coffee and blanket to any of these games.  

Click here to see the SBWSO schedule page.


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