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United States Waveski National Championships in Ventura, CA

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The United States Waveski Association held it's first west coast National Championships last weekend in Ventura, CA. Competitors from as close as Santa Barbara, and as far away as South Africa, Peru and New Zealand converged on Ventura's C-Street to compete in the much anticipated contest. 

The fledgling but radical sport of 'waveskiing; - which consists of 'surfing' a short-board with a rider strapped to it, propelled by a paddle - is undergoing something of a recent surge in popularity. Radical maneuvers including slashes, cutbacks, and ariels wowed spectators, who braved heat, rain, wind and lightning to see some of the best show their stuff.

Organizers, Brian Kuszmar, Roger Adams, and Warren Schultheis said that it was one of the best attended and dynamic US contests in recent years - helping to boost the sports credibility with the local surf community and with the local media.


For more information on the sport, or on the contest, visit the United States Waveski Association webpage for pictures:

Photo: New National Junior Champ Tyler Lausten getting one of the bigger 'airs' of the contest. Photo-Credit: Dominick Stormick 2008


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