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Nights Atelier - Where art and performance get personal

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Step inside SBMA for a fresh experience with our new event series Nights Atelier - Nights' version of an artist's atelier - a studio for the imagination where the lights are lower, conversations are more intimate, and the artists are your collaborators. Limited to 200 guests to ensure the most intimate experience.

Saturday, June 27, 6:00 - Finding
Form: Nature and the Nude

Celebrate the exuberance and abandonof the body as artists conjure, carve shape and feel their way to and from from with the site/sight specific sculpting from life studio, body as landscape over-sizedphotograms, and a provocatove interactive concert by SAtring Theory. For informaton and tickets visit or call 884-6414. Cost: $50 members - $60 Non members.

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