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Web Marketing Courses at UCSB Extension Help Businesses Succeed Online in Weak Economy

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April 2009

Growing demand for internet marketing classes shows increasing need for powerful, cost-effective solutions and strategies that help individuals and small businesses win big online


SANTA BARBARA, CA- In this economic recession, more professionals, business owners and students are looking to acquire relevant skills that will help them succeed in a weak economy. At UCSB Extension, enrollment has been on the rise for internet marketing classes designed to teach students powerful and cost-effective business solutions and strategies that use the web to help businesses survive and thrive on a smaller budget.

According to UCSB Extension instructor Lorrie Thomas, web marketing can propel businesses forward for a fraction of the costs of traditional advertising mediums. An internet marketing veteran and self-proclaimed Web Marketing Therapist, Thomas also recommends that businesses take advantage of this economic slump to get creative and implement smart marketing that sustains them through this downturn while readying them for success when times pick up.

"In a recession, professionals can't afford to spend on marketing, they need to be investing," said Thomas, who recently launched Web Marketing Therapy to help people learn how to restore their marketing health through online training and empowerment. "Recessions are for economies, not individuals. This is the best time to get smart with your marketing and invest in the future of your organization by tapping the power of the web, which is the most lucrative, low-cost way to boost your business."

Thomas's Web Marketing Applications course at UCSB Extension addresses the most current principles and practices of Internet marketing, including search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and email marketing. Students learn how marketing on the Web can help build brand awareness, attract shoppers, enhance customer loyalty, and capture market share. The next Web Marketing Applications course begins Thursday, May 7 and is anticipated to reach enrollment capacity.

Another in-demand class on Social Media Marketing was introduced this spring at UCSB Extension. Thomas and WMT's Client Treatment Specialist Emilia Doerr co-taught the 35+ student course, which was designed to help students learn how to use popular, no-cost social media platforms like blogs and Facebook as marketing tools to gain a competitive edge.

"I can highly recommend the Social Media Marketing class to anybody who wants to boost their business and create a plan for cross-discipline coordination that drives growth," said Ramon de la Fuente, a Product Manager for Sonos, the leading developer of wireless multi-room music systems for the home, headquartered in Santa Barbara. "I now have a much better understanding of how marketing has moved from ‘pushing' out messages to creating and fostering relationships that ultimately provide better solutions for both businesses and their customers."

UCSB Extension offers continuing education via evening and weekend courses to students, professionals, business owners and anyone looking for professional training, career advancement, or a practical education to help boost their business. For course and enrollment information, visit

Web Marketing Therapy is an organization dedicated to educating and empowering businesses and individuals to restore their marketing health to achieve maximum wealth from the web. For online classes, training and a healthy dose of marketing empowerment, inspiration, and resources, visit

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