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Street Lighting Conversion Phase Complete After October 5th

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – October 4, 2010 - The Cliff Drive Underground Utility Assessment District (UUAD) Project will complete another project milestone when the newly installed streetlights are lit on October 5th.  Significant visual improvements will be completed when Southern California Edison (SCE) removes overhead utility lines and "tops off" the wooden utility poles along Cliff Drive.  Existing cobra head light fixtures on the wooden poles will be removed and the new green streetlights will be energized.  Due to the timing of the transition, all streelighting along Cliff Drive may be illuminated at once. 

Verizon and Cox Communications will complete undergrounding the remaining overhead utility lines this winter through the spring of 2011.  The utility poles will then be completely removed during the final phase of the project.

The project is located on Cliff Drive from Salida Del Sol to approximately 400 feet west of Mesa Lane, including surrounding streets, and when complete, will place underground all existing overhead wires and facilities that supply electric, communication, or similar services.

The Cliff Drive UUAD Project is a joint effort by SCE, Verizon, Cox Communications, and the City of Santa Barbara, and is funded predominately by SCE rate-payer fees. For additional information, please visit the Underground Utility Program website at , or contact Tim Gaasch, Supervising Engineer, at (805) 897-2502 or at tgaasch (at)

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