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The Fuxedos Slaughter Santa Barbara!

  |   by glazedyams    Bookmark and Share

WHAT: THE FUXEDOS smash into Santa Barbara! Come witness the convivial carnage as they make their Santa Barbara debut, in support of the mighty Oso

Led by UCSB Film Studies alum diabolical Danny Shorago, The Fuxedos are America's favorite surreally hilarious, theatrical punky storytelling art rock band -- as seen on Comedy Central and heard on Dr. Demento. Come on down and get your tuchus pleasantly punted! 

WHEN: Friday, May 14. The Fuxedos hit first at about 9 pm, followed by Oso. 

WHERE: Muddy Waters, 508 E. Haley St., SB, 93103. 

HOW MUCH: $10. 

It'll be a great night of consistently excellent, high-quality musical performance -- don't miss it! And, above all... 


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