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Looking Good Santa Barbara Announces Recipients of 2010 Spirit of Service Awards

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Communities thrive when they look and feel good – when streets and parkways are clean and neighbors work side by side.  Looking Good Santa Barbara is proud to announce the honorees of the Sixth Annual Spirit of Service Community Recognition Program, who will be acknowledged at an awards luncheon on Thursday, May 6th.  The Spirit of Service program was created to honor individuals and entities for their outstanding and ongoing efforts to keep Santa Barbara clean and green by promoting recycling and/or working to reduce visual blight such as graffiti and litter.  This year, for the first time, we’ll also be recognizing an outstanding business and school for their composting efforts.  The 2010 award recipients are:

  • Recycler of the Year, Business – Shoreline Cafe
  • Recycler of the Year, Employee – Gildas Halle
  • Outstanding Business, Graffiti Abatement – AES Property Services
  • Outstanding Youth Program, Graffiti & Litter Abatement – Westmont College, A Rocha West Side Ministry
  • Outstanding Neighbor, Graffiti & Litter Abatement – Christina Pizarro
  • Composter of the Year, Business – Lazy Acres Market
  • Composter of the Year, School – Franklin School

The awards ceremony will be emceed by our very own local and community-minded Julie Ramos from KTYD!  The awards themselves will be presented by Mayor Helene Schneider.  

Looking Good Santa Barbara brings together residents, City staff and representatives from local businesses and community organizations with a mission to increase and promote recycling and reduce visual blight, such as graffiti and litter. The program is part of the City of Santa Barbara’s Environmental Services Division.

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