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Quentin Tarantino to Present a Special Screening of Kirk Douglas' POSSE at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

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Academy Award-winning writer/director/producer/actor Quentin Tarantino will preside over a special presentation of POSSE, the feature film starring Kirk Douglas, Bruce Dern, Bo Hopkins, James Stacy and David Canary on Sunday, February 7 at 1:30 pm at the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara.  Douglas also directed the film.  Following the screening, Tarantino will moderate a Q&A session with Douglas for the audience.

Posse was released in 1975. Douglas starred as Howard Nightingale, a United States Marshal hunting down an outlaw so as to further his political career. Organizing a posse to catch infamous bank robber, Jack Strawhorn (Bruce Dern), Nightingale ends up with the tables turned on him as the cunning criminal gets the upper hand and holds him hostage instead. The only way for the posse to pay the $40,000 ransom in order to free Nightingale is by becoming bank robbers themselves.

Tarantino was the recipient of last October's Fourth Annual KIRK DOUGLAS AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN FILM.  At the black-tie gala in Santa Barbara, Tarantino shared with the audience how that film (Posse) had a strong influence on his becoming a filmmaker.

The 25th Santa Barbara International Film Festival takes place February 4-14, 2010.  For program and ticket information, log onto

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