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Case of the Missing Hank Pitcher

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The Case of the Missing Pitcher

The Sullivan Goss Scavenger Hunt: The Case of the Missing Pitcher is going to be a multimedia adventure requiring your best puzzle-solving skills and a bit of careful detective work. Our hope is that by the end you may just have learned a good deal about Santa Barbara's rich artistic history. And we haven't made it easy, so don't think you'll have the prize wrapped up in a couple of days, or even a week.

Part one of the scavenger will begin promptly at 5pm on the next 1st Thursday, November 5th. The multi-part hunt will unfold over the following weeks, until the winner is presented their prize at a special ceremony that will take place during the 1st Thursday in December.

In addition to the grand prize there will be four runner-up prize winner who will receive an invitation for themselves and a guest to have dinner with Hank Pitcher at the Arts and Letters Cafe.

Start spreading the word to all the Hank Pitcher fans out there. Hank is not only a big name in the local arts community but a big name in the local surf community, so their is bound to be lots of interest in the scavenger hunt. Mark your calendars and make sure to get here right at 5pm on the 5th.


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