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What Do Your Candidates Have to Say?

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SANTA BARBARA, CA –  The City of Santa Barbara, in partnership with The Santa Barbara Channels, has produced the City of Santa Barbara General Municipal Election Candidate Video Program, which allows all City of Santa Barbara Mayoral and Council candidates free television time to communicate their views to voters.  The program will air on The Santa Barbara Channels, Channel 21, and City TV, Channel 18, a minimum of 4 times per week and 3 times per week, respectively, prior to the City's Vote-by-Mail General Municipal Election on November 3, 2009.  Airing on Channel 21 is scheduled to begin on Sunday, September 27th, and Channel 18 on Monday, September 28th.  The schedule of air dates and times for Channel 21 is available on The Santa Barbara Channels website at and Channel 18 is available on the City's website at  The candidate videos will also be available on The Santa Barbara Channels website at and the City's website at on Sunday, September 27th.

This opportunity was offered to all qualified candidates in the City's Vote-by-Mail General Municipal Election.


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