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Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals Provide Affordable Alternatives to Hotels for Destination Weddings

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Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals offer all the comforts of home plus full-service amenities for a fraction of the price of a hotel stay in one of California’s most popular wedding destinations

SANTA BARBARA, CA  –  When Julie Posner was planning a destination wedding in Santa Barbara for her sister last April, she arranged for her friends and family to stay in Casa Bella and Casa Linda - two newly remodeled Montecito vacation homes, each offering 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms, situated right next to each other - perfect for her family members, wedding party, and guests desiring both proximity and privacy.

With its mild climate year round, Santa Barbara is a top wedding destination offering memorable settings with picturesque backdrops of both the Santa Ynez mountains and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. And for couples planning destination weddings, Santa Barbara vacation rentals offer affordable, comfortable and flexible accommodations for their wedding guests.

 “We know it can be an imposition to ask your wedding guests to stay at a Santa Barbara hotel that can cost upwards of $300 a night,” said Graham Farrar, an owner of Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals, a company that provides a variety of high-end vacation rentals in Santa Barbara. “For a fraction of the price of a hotel, staying in our Santa Barbara vacation homes can also offer your friends and family more flexibility during their stay.”

Farrar adds that his clients enjoy Santa Barbara vacation rentals because they provide all the comforts of home plus hotel amenities like in-room spa treatments and concierge services. The 2,100 square foot homes that Posner rented for her sister’s Santa Barbara wedding turned out to be the perfect solution for her out-of-town guests, who enjoyed the great location just one block from the beach by the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel.

 “I cannot begin to express how comforting it was for my parents to have a beautiful home to host visits with friends and family over the course of the wedding week,” Posner said. “Having two side-by-side, yet separate homes in this prime location allowed both families to enjoy quality time together, yet also easily enjoy our own free time. The visit was so pleasurable that we have since been back to the Casas twice and cannot wait for our next visit. ”

About Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals
Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals is your one stop source for luxurious vacation properties. We offer a variety of high-end, fully-furnished vacation homes in Santa Barbara including private beach houses, California holiday villas, and large luxurious vacation homes. Our luxury rental properties are ideal for romantic vacations, family gatherings and reunions, or wedding parties and wedding accommodations. We also offer pet-friendly vacation rentals on select vacation properties. Our full-service staff and concierge services are available to assist you with all your vacation needs. We strive to create a memorable vacation experience of the highest quality, giving all our guests the utmost consideration and quality service. To view our properties, visit

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