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“Mining the Wealth in Our Business Relationships”

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Connect with Trygve Duryea
Chief Knowledge Officer
Engage with us for a morning of connecting with fellow business associates to master the art of your current, past and future business relationships and the powerful role they play in your success.
Become educated on:
·         How to create rich relationships that lead to success, fulfillment and wealth
·         What you are known for and known as.
·         How to establish life-long relationships with continuous contribution to your success
·         Connect not network

About The Leadership Group
Trygve Duryea, CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer) of THE LEADERSHIP GROUP, a consulting firm and small business holding company committed to educating and furthering the knowledge and skill sets of CEO’s and their top gunners resulting in business success through its innovative consultant / partnering programs, business executive think tanks, strategic planning / goal setting projects and enhanced best business practice tools.

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