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Reverse 911 Testing for Santa Barbara Waterfront to Occur Friday

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – On Friday morning, September 18th, over 1,500 phones will ring during a two hour period, as Santa Barbara County Sheriffs and the City of Santa Barbara reach out to boaters and tenants alike, testing the County’s Reverse 911 system at the Waterfront.

“Folks around here work, live and recreate in a particularly vulnerable environment, where coastal storms, marina fires or a tsunami could create a need for immediate evacuation,” said Mick Kronman, Harbor Operations Manager for the City’s Waterfront Department. “We’ve been working with the County Sheriffs’ Reverse 911 team for over a year to develop a dedicated database of numbers to call in case of a Waterfront emergency. They’ve been wonderful partners in this public safety effort.”  

The Reverse 911 test and its subsequent implementation are part of the City’s Emergency Preparedness Plan and a component of its recently acquired designation as a “Storm Ready Community,” a certification bestowed by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

“This partnership between the Waterfront Department and County Sheriffs is critical in mitigating any disaster or emergency, said Yolanda McGlinchy, the City’s Emergency Services Manager.  “The City has worked collaboratively with the County’s Office of Emergency Services and County Sheriffs Department in testing Reverse 911, especially during the Riviera Evacuation Drill and the Tea and Jesusita fires. This collaboration continues as the City creates its plans in advance of winter rains and possible flooding.”

Friday’s Reverse 911 test will begin at 10:00 a.m. Following the test, City staff will survey boaters and tenants to gain feedback on the test’s effectiveness and to update phone numbers in the Waterfront Department’s database.

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