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More Utility Lines to be Buried on Cliff Drive

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – September 8, 2009  |  Construction to underground existing overhead utilities on Cliff Drive begins September 14, 2009, and is expected to last approximately eighteen months.  The Cliff Drive Underground Utility District No. 10 Project is a joint effort by Southern California Edison (SCE), Verizon, Cox Communications and the City of Santa Barbara.

Construction work is located on Cliff Drive between Salida Del Sol and Mesa Lane, including surrounding streets. See attached project map. 

Construction will include placing all overhead wires and facilities for supplying electric, communication or similar services underground, and removing the existing overhead wires and wooden utility poles.  New city street lighting will be installed along the project corridor. 

During construction the roads will remain open.  However, construction will require some lane closures. The contractor, Tidwell Excavation Acquisition Co, Inc. will be required to provide necessary provisions to ensure public safety and maintain traffic circulations.

The City Public Works Department appreciates the community’s understanding and patience during construction.  If you have questions regarding the construction activities, please call Tim Gaasch, Supervising Engineer at 805-897-2502 or visit


City2 Extra: Google Map of the above area here.




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