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The Santa Barbara Bowl's 'Goat' the Right Idea: Goes Green for Sold-Out Incubus Show

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For the sold-out Incubus concert on July 10, 2009 at the Santa Barbara Bowl, the venue is continuing its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, one step at a time.  With this concert, the Bowl will be implementing three new programs that go beyond the venue’s existing eco efforts.  Through different and unique community partnerships, this concert will be the ‘greenest little show’ the Santa 

Barbara Bowl and Nederlander Concerts have ever presented. 


Major Land-Fill Reduction:  In partnership with the Community Environmental Council the Bowl will be implementing its newly established volunteer GREEN TEAM with a goal to divert 99% of the venue’s waste from landfills.  This would be an increase from the current sorting that diverts on average 70% of all concert waste from landfills.   


The GREEN TEAM will pre-sort waste and help educate concert-goers on what items can be recycled, composted or reused from the true landfill items.  The GREEN TEAM will also lead a post-show sort to insure all waste materials are properly sorted. 


Bicycle Valet Parking:  Incubus will also be the inaugural offering of complimentary bicycle valet parking.  Located within the Santa Barbara Bowl‘s VIP parking lot, this bicycle valet program will be hosted in partnership with the Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition  who will be providing the staffing and expertise for safe, secure and monitored parking.  All concert-goers are encouraged to ride their bicycles to the venue to take advantage of this new program.  


Goats at the Bowl:  The Santa Barbara Bowl has contracted with the company Brush Goats 4 Hire as an eco-friendly approach to thinning the brush and vegetation on the 17 acre Bowl property.  This process will help decrease potential fire danger.  The goats are ideal for this type of work as they are able to navigate the extreme topography and heave vegetative growth of the Bowl’s property.  The goats will be penned and out of public view during the Incubus concert, but they will certainly be singing along. 


-By Eric Schiflett 

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