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Haute Couture Comes to Santa Barbara!

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Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara Hosts Haute Couture Lace Showroom
Exclusively for Month of August 2009

June 18, 2009 – During the month of August, the worlds finest lace maker, Solstiss will unveil its Paris Showroom 2010 Collection at Fine Fabrics in Santa Barbara, California. Fine Fabrics is celebrating its Third-Annual Solstiss Lace Event.

Anyone who loves fashion will want to make a beeline for Santa Barbara during the month of August. In an intimate, off-the-beaten track location you’ll find an exclusive resource for the worlds finest lace and fabrics at Fine Fabrics, 715 Kimball Ave., Santa Barbara, CA 805.966.2488.

Susanne Chess, owner, Fine Fabrics, likens her fabric shop to a high-end gourmet food store where you’ll find the best caviars and pates… only this is gourmet fodder for the eyes, the hand, and the heart.

“The feel of these laces is something difficult to describe. They way they drape due to the intricate use of crystals, beads, leather, silk, metal… they instigate a visceral response in fashionistas and others who are attracted to fine, beautiful objects.’

The Solstiss laces available for purchase are from the 2010 collection; they are NOT mill ends, points out Susanne. These are the identical laces that Lagerfeld, Cavalli, De La Renta, Dior, and Gaultier, to name only a few, see and select for their very own 2010 haute couture collections.

Susanne goes on to say, “Many of the laces are sexy, yet some are sweet and innocent… in fact Princess Grace of Monaco’s wedding dress (designed by Emmanuel Ungaro) incorporated an abundance of Solstiss lace.”

Fine Fabrics retail location is nestled under 18 foot ceilings and includes a fashion design studio and loft. In addition to fabrics, laces, buttons and thread for sale, the site is equipped with marble sewing machine tables, an ironing board and iron, black granite 4' x 6' cutting table, and manufacturer's mannequins. Fine Fabrics trained staff, with more than 100 years of combined sewing experience, is here to assist with fitting, sewing instruction, encouragement and moral support.

For more information contact Kande Hall at 310.364.1100 ex106 or

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