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Santa Barbara County Updates Hazard Mitigation Plan

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City of Santa Barbara Residents Asked for Input 

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Is your home or office building susceptible to damage from earthquakes, wildfires, or floods? Do you want to help increase the likelihood that you can recover from disasters and prevent future damage from these and other natural hazards? Your participation can make our communities more resilient.

With a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Services is coordinating local efforts to update the County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan identifies natural hazards throughout Santa Barbara County. The plan includes the City of Santa Barbara and presents an assessment of critical facilities vulnerable to these hazards. The plan lists potential actions needed to reduce risk and future damage.

The City of Santa Barbara welcomes citizen participation to ensure development of a strong mitigation strategy. A public survey has been made available online, in the future drafts of the plan will be posted for review, and ultimately the plan will be presented to the City Council.  The survey can be found at either one of the following websites:"

Although the plan enables the County and cities to be eligible for various assistance grants, the plans value really lies in the identification of hazards and helps emergency managers and residents better prepare for disasters. The current hazard mitigation plan is available online at the County OES web site.

Be a part of the solution by filling out the survey. The survey will also give you an opportunity to participate via e-mail. 

-McGlinchey, Yolanda L. 

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