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Fire Department Vegetation Clearing Scheduled for Foothill Area

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by Carol Lupo, Santa Barbara City Fire Dept.

SANTA BARBARA, CA –  8/18/2010 – The City of Santa Barbara's Fire Department will be implementing the High Fire Hazard Vegetation Road Clearance Project starting on August 30, 2010. The work will continue through mid-November, 2010. 

This year 18.3 miles of roads in the Extreme Foothill and Foothill Zone of the high fire hazard area will be cleared through funds established by the Wildland Fire Suppression Assessment District.  

The purpose of vegetation road clearance is to reduce the total amount of vegetation along roadways, enhance evacuation during a wildland fire and allow greater access for fire engines and equipment to respond during a wildfire. 

It is very important to maintain and keep up the work that has been completed.  Maintaining roadways is not only important for your safety but the safety of the community.

Since the Fire Department is not able to complete every mile of road in the high fire hazard area on an annual basis, the maintenance of the road clearance work is the responsibility of each property owner. Santa Barbara Municipal Code requires homeowners to make sure that vegetation on their property does not encroach onto adjacent roadways. This effort includes keeping evacuation routes clear of flammable vegetation and thinning vegetation along the roadways.

In years past we have been able to recycle 97% of the chipped material. If you have questions related to the project or have questions related to City property requirements you can call the Fire Department at 965-5254.

Please visit the City of Santa Barbara Wildland Fire Suppression Assessment District webpage to learn more about the annual Vegetation Road Clearance Project.

- Carol Lupo, Santa Barbara City Fire Dept.


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