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Forum Lounge: John Williams

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On June 3, 2010, Multimedia artist John Williams uses vinyl records, record players, speakers, effect pedals, slides, found objects, and 8 mm projectors to create an ultra-sensory environment of small assemblage sculptures with projections and sounds. Become an active participant in Williams’ improvised visual choreography as he converts the gallery space into one giant kinetic sculpture. 

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Community Hero to be Honored - Heimlich Maneuver Saves toddler

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – Please join representatives from the American Red Cross and the Santa Barbara City Fire Department as they honor a community hero for his life saving actions. Rick Robledo will be awarded a Red Cross Certificate of Merit at 3:30pm on Tuesday,

May 11th. The brief ceremony to acknowledge Rick will be held at Santa Barbara City Fire Station #3, located at 415 E. Sola St.  The toddler, whose life was saved, will be in attendance along with his family.

On April 11, 2010, Rick Robledo was visiting the home of friends when 20 month old Jared Herrara began to choke. Rick was in another room at the time and heard the commotion in the living room. The toddler was unresponsive and resting in his grandmother’s arms when Rick entered the living room. Rick stated that Jared’s eyes and mouth were wide open when he took the boy from his grandmother.  Jared’s skin color was turning purple and there was no attempt by the boy to breathe. While the grandmother called 911, Rick immediately began a series of Heimlich maneuvers on the young boy. Upon the 3rd attempt, a nickel popped loose and landed about a foot from the boy.  Jared began to breathe on his own and was acting as if nothing had happened when emergency crews from Santa Barbara City Fire and AMR arrived approximately 3 minutes later. 

   Fortunately for Jared and his family, Rick had completed a CPR course through the American Red Cross, which included training related to choking emergencies. For 100 years, the American Red Cross has been teaching people how to prevent and respond to first aid emergencies -- giving them the skills and confidence to respond and provide care no matter what the circumstances. Please visit their website and consider enrolling in one of the many excellent courses. These life saving skills are easy to learn with courses requiring only a 4 to 8 hour time commitment. 

   The Santa Barbara City Fire Department congratulates Rick Robledo for his life saving efforts and celebrates the young life saved as a result.

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Cruise Ship 
Returns to Santa Barbara on Mother’s Day

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – May 7, 2010

The City of Santa Barbara welcomes Captain Dino Sagani and passengers of the Princess Cruise Lines Sapphire Princess as the cruise ship makes a return visit to our city Sunday, May 9th.  This is Sapphire’s fourth visit since 2005. The cruise ship is expected to arrive at approximately 7:00 a.m. and depart at 4:00 p.m. General public tours of the ship will not be available.

Santa Barbara Harbor has, on average, one or two cruise ship visits per year.  Most cruise lines have a repositioning period for tours between the cold waters of Alaska and the warm climate of the Mexican Riviera, usually around May and September.

Waterfront Department works and plans months in advance with cruise ship representatives, local chamber of commerce groups, other City Departments, as well as vital security agencies to facilitate logistics of passengers arriving at the harbor.

The Sapphire Princess cruise ship measures about 950-feet-long and can carry a total of approximately 2,600 passengers and 1,000 crew members. The ship’s average speed exceeds a range of 21-23 knots and weighs in at nearly 110,000 tons. A rotation of 4-6 tenders allows passengers and crew to embark and debark from Sea Landing in Santa Barbara Harbor. Sea Landing is the designated security facility for Santa Barbara and Homeland Security measures will be in place.

There have been eleven cruise ship visits to Santa Barbara since 2002. As always, Santa Barbara hospitality volunteers offer up friendly faces to the crowds of passengers eager to explore Santa Barbara’s awaiting treasures and scenic vistas. Bus tours, trolley tours and MTD shuttles help move the visitors around the town. Maps, brochures and general information are provided by Santa Barbara Chamber of Commerce, Conference and Visitors Bureau, Santa Barbara Downtown Organization, Waterfront Department and Waterfront Merchants Associations.

Nearly 2,300 passengers and crew will come ashore for the Mother’s Day visit to enjoy our city and help stimulate our local economy. Cruise industry estimates show cruise ship passengers spend an average of $200 per couple in one port call. Shopping, gifts and activities are abundant in Santa Barbara as we begin the summer.

Continuing good relations between Santa Barbara and visiting cruise ships, the Captain of the Sapphire Princess will be hosting a VIP tour of the ship with a scheduled luncheon for representatives of the Santa Barbara Business community. City Councilmember Frank Hotchkiss will represent the City with a formal plaque exchange with the Captain.   

The Princess Cruise Ship Sapphire Princess’ 8-day itinerary includes scheduled stops from Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Astoria, Victoria and Vancouver. Cruise ship visits are typically infrequent in Santa Barbara, which currently hosts one to two a year. For information regarding the ship visit contact Waterfront Director John N. Bridley at 564-5519.

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The Fuxedos Slaughter Santa Barbara!

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WHAT: THE FUXEDOS smash into Santa Barbara! Come witness the convivial carnage as they make their Santa Barbara debut, in support of the mighty Oso

Led by UCSB Film Studies alum diabolical Danny Shorago, The Fuxedos are America's favorite surreally hilarious, theatrical punky storytelling art rock band -- as seen on Comedy Central and heard on Dr. Demento. Come on down and get your tuchus pleasantly punted! 

WHEN: Friday, May 14. The Fuxedos hit first at about 9 pm, followed by Oso. 

WHERE: Muddy Waters, 508 E. Haley St., SB, 93103. 

HOW MUCH: $10. 

It'll be a great night of consistently excellent, high-quality musical performance -- don't miss it! And, above all... 


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