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What Do Your Candidates Have to Say?

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SANTA BARBARA, CA –  The City of Santa Barbara, in partnership with The Santa Barbara Channels, has produced the City of Santa Barbara General Municipal Election Candidate Video Program, which allows all City of Santa Barbara Mayoral and Council candidates free television time to communicate their views to voters.  The program will air on The Santa Barbara Channels, Channel 21, and City TV, Channel 18, a minimum of 4 times per week and 3 times per week, respectively, prior to the City's Vote-by-Mail General Municipal Election on November 3, 2009.  Airing on Channel 21 is scheduled to begin on Sunday, September 27th, and Channel 18 on Monday, September 28th.  The schedule of air dates and times for Channel 21 is available on The Santa Barbara Channels website at and Channel 18 is available on the City's website at  The candidate videos will also be available on The Santa Barbara Channels website at and the City's website at on Sunday, September 27th.

This opportunity was offered to all qualified candidates in the City's Vote-by-Mail General Municipal Election.


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The 3rd Annual Jill of all Trades - This Saturday

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SANTA BARBARA - The Third Annual Jill of all Trades is scheduled for Saturday September 26th, 2009. 

The outdoor event will run from 11am-7pm in the parking lot of the Presidio Motel at 1620 State Street in Santa Barbara. 

Over 40 innovative vendors from up and down the California Coast will be selling one-of-a-kind clothing, jewelry, accessories, stationary, vintage collections, and crafts. Food vendors, such as The Burger Bus, and others selling vegetarian wraps and baked goods will also set up shop. Live bands and Djs will be performing throughout the day. The line-up consists of:  DJ Hiss&Hers, Dj Magneto, Dj Zebo, Satori Alliance, Watercolor Paintings, Montino Bourbon, Cotton Jones, and MV & EE. The event is all-ages and welcomes the general public. Entrance is free. Jill of all Trades is sponsored by KCSB 91.9 FM and Club Mercy. 





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Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals Provide Affordable Alternatives to Hotels for Destination Weddings

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Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals offer all the comforts of home plus full-service amenities for a fraction of the price of a hotel stay in one of California’s most popular wedding destinations

SANTA BARBARA, CA  –  When Julie Posner was planning a destination wedding in Santa Barbara for her sister last April, she arranged for her friends and family to stay in Casa Bella and Casa Linda - two newly remodeled Montecito vacation homes, each offering 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ bathrooms, situated right next to each other - perfect for her family members, wedding party, and guests desiring both proximity and privacy.

With its mild climate year round, Santa Barbara is a top wedding destination offering memorable settings with picturesque backdrops of both the Santa Ynez mountains and the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. And for couples planning destination weddings, Santa Barbara vacation rentals offer affordable, comfortable and flexible accommodations for their wedding guests.

 “We know it can be an imposition to ask your wedding guests to stay at a Santa Barbara hotel that can cost upwards of $300 a night,” said Graham Farrar, an owner of Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals, a company that provides a variety of high-end vacation rentals in Santa Barbara. “For a fraction of the price of a hotel, staying in our Santa Barbara vacation homes can also offer your friends and family more flexibility during their stay.”

Farrar adds that his clients enjoy Santa Barbara vacation rentals because they provide all the comforts of home plus hotel amenities like in-room spa treatments and concierge services. The 2,100 square foot homes that Posner rented for her sister’s Santa Barbara wedding turned out to be the perfect solution for her out-of-town guests, who enjoyed the great location just one block from the beach by the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel.

 “I cannot begin to express how comforting it was for my parents to have a beautiful home to host visits with friends and family over the course of the wedding week,” Posner said. “Having two side-by-side, yet separate homes in this prime location allowed both families to enjoy quality time together, yet also easily enjoy our own free time. The visit was so pleasurable that we have since been back to the Casas twice and cannot wait for our next visit. ”

About Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals
Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals is your one stop source for luxurious vacation properties. We offer a variety of high-end, fully-furnished vacation homes in Santa Barbara including private beach houses, California holiday villas, and large luxurious vacation homes. Our luxury rental properties are ideal for romantic vacations, family gatherings and reunions, or wedding parties and wedding accommodations. We also offer pet-friendly vacation rentals on select vacation properties. Our full-service staff and concierge services are available to assist you with all your vacation needs. We strive to create a memorable vacation experience of the highest quality, giving all our guests the utmost consideration and quality service. To view our properties, visit

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“Mining the Wealth in Our Business Relationships”

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Connect with Trygve Duryea
Chief Knowledge Officer
Engage with us for a morning of connecting with fellow business associates to master the art of your current, past and future business relationships and the powerful role they play in your success.
Become educated on:
·         How to create rich relationships that lead to success, fulfillment and wealth
·         What you are known for and known as.
·         How to establish life-long relationships with continuous contribution to your success
·         Connect not network

About The Leadership Group
Trygve Duryea, CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer) of THE LEADERSHIP GROUP, a consulting firm and small business holding company committed to educating and furthering the knowledge and skill sets of CEO’s and their top gunners resulting in business success through its innovative consultant / partnering programs, business executive think tanks, strategic planning / goal setting projects and enhanced best business practice tools.

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Reverse 911 Testing for Santa Barbara Waterfront to Occur Friday

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – On Friday morning, September 18th, over 1,500 phones will ring during a two hour period, as Santa Barbara County Sheriffs and the City of Santa Barbara reach out to boaters and tenants alike, testing the County’s Reverse 911 system at the Waterfront.

“Folks around here work, live and recreate in a particularly vulnerable environment, where coastal storms, marina fires or a tsunami could create a need for immediate evacuation,” said Mick Kronman, Harbor Operations Manager for the City’s Waterfront Department. “We’ve been working with the County Sheriffs’ Reverse 911 team for over a year to develop a dedicated database of numbers to call in case of a Waterfront emergency. They’ve been wonderful partners in this public safety effort.”  

The Reverse 911 test and its subsequent implementation are part of the City’s Emergency Preparedness Plan and a component of its recently acquired designation as a “Storm Ready Community,” a certification bestowed by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

“This partnership between the Waterfront Department and County Sheriffs is critical in mitigating any disaster or emergency, said Yolanda McGlinchy, the City’s Emergency Services Manager.  “The City has worked collaboratively with the County’s Office of Emergency Services and County Sheriffs Department in testing Reverse 911, especially during the Riviera Evacuation Drill and the Tea and Jesusita fires. This collaboration continues as the City creates its plans in advance of winter rains and possible flooding.”

Friday’s Reverse 911 test will begin at 10:00 a.m. Following the test, City staff will survey boaters and tenants to gain feedback on the test’s effectiveness and to update phone numbers in the Waterfront Department’s database.

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Lorrie Thomas, Web Marketing Expert, Offers Free Strategies on Healthy Web Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

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SANTA BARBARA, CA— Over 75% of the US population is online, 90% use e-mail and almost 90% using search engines to find products, services or information. Don't get left behind! Instead, get biz-dazzled by Lorrie Thomas, nationally recognized web-marketing expert and marketing therapist. On October 9, 2009 from 4- 6p.m., Santa Barbara City College’s Scheinfeld Center hosts Lorrie Thomas, who will present at the Fe Bland Forum to share the latest in web marketing principles, while also teaching practices to keep up with emerging online communication trends (blogs, social media and wikis).

Whether you are a student, just starting out, or already have a full-fledged small business, Lorrie will teach you how prospective customers can find you on search engines, how to use the web as a powerful marketing tool and how to integrate web marketing into your overall marketing efforts. Want to drive your bottom line and turn your web site into a web solution? In this two-hour presentation, you will learn the marketing "musts" for success and how to position yourself as a leader in this social media revolution.

With the internet constantly changing, it is essential for students, professionals and small businesses to know the new rules and tools for marketing for successful entrepreneurship. “There’s a critical need for all of us in business to not only understand the importance and effectiveness of virtual marketing, but to know how to implement these new tools, and Lorrie does this better than anyone. Her hands-on, interactive approach will help deliver interested people right to your company’s virtual doorstep,” says Melissa Crawford, Director of SBCC’s Scheinfeld Center. “Lorrie bridges the art and science of the web with such entertainment and style you will be begging for more!”

Need more web marketing therapy? In addition to Lorrie’s presentation on October 9, 2009 from 4-6pm, Lorrie will host four FREE breakout sessions to share critical, hands-on skills needed to implement sound web-marketing plans.

Workshops  #1 and #2, Friday October 30, 4-6p.m.:
#1 Sustainable Web Strategies
#2 How to Tweet, Blog & Facebook

Workshops  #3 and #4, Friday, November 6, 4-6p.m.:
#3 What is SEO and Where can I get some?
#4 Make Web Stats Work for You

RSVP’s are required for Thomas’ presentation and workshops. Space is limited. To register for each event, please go to

Lorrie Thomas is a marketing educator, writer, strategist, web-marketing expert and speaker. She is the founder of Web Marketing Therapy, a marketing therapy support system (agency and education company). Her "wild web woman" team serves small businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers to diagnose, prescribe and guide healthy web marketing.  She teaches Web Marketing Applications, Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Marketing Applications classes at UCSB Extension and UC Berkeley Extension. She also teaches Online and Mobile Marketing at Santa Barbara City College and Sales Tools and Strategies at the University of Phoenix. She was on the founding team at ValueClick Media. She speaks nationally on a number of marketing-related topics and caters her presentations to the business, niche, skill sets and professional concerns of her attendees. She writes for several online publications including She is interviewed regularly by the eCommerce Times, DM News, Entrepreneur and Tech News World and quoted frequently as a nationally recognized marketing expert   

SBCC’s Scheinfeld Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation offers courses and events on entrepreneurship and provides resources to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses.  For more information please visit our website at

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Evolutions Medical Spa is Hosting An Educational Event in Chemical Peels

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
1309 State Street, Santa Barbara

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Terry Perkins will be doing a presentation on Chemical Peels followed by a Q&A session with Dr. Perkins and staff.  Exclusive discounts for attendees.  Wine, refreshments and a raffle too!

This event is free. Please RSVP to Evolutions at 687.0212. 

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More Utility Lines to be Buried on Cliff Drive

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – September 8, 2009  |  Construction to underground existing overhead utilities on Cliff Drive begins September 14, 2009, and is expected to last approximately eighteen months.  The Cliff Drive Underground Utility District No. 10 Project is a joint effort by Southern California Edison (SCE), Verizon, Cox Communications and the City of Santa Barbara.

Construction work is located on Cliff Drive between Salida Del Sol and Mesa Lane, including surrounding streets. See attached project map. 

Construction will include placing all overhead wires and facilities for supplying electric, communication or similar services underground, and removing the existing overhead wires and wooden utility poles.  New city street lighting will be installed along the project corridor. 

During construction the roads will remain open.  However, construction will require some lane closures. The contractor, Tidwell Excavation Acquisition Co, Inc. will be required to provide necessary provisions to ensure public safety and maintain traffic circulations.

The City Public Works Department appreciates the community’s understanding and patience during construction.  If you have questions regarding the construction activities, please call Tim Gaasch, Supervising Engineer at 805-897-2502 or visit


City2 Extra: Google Map of the above area here.




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