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Nights Atelier - Where art and performance get personal

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Step inside SBMA for a fresh experience with our new event series Nights Atelier - Nights' version of an artist's atelier - a studio for the imagination where the lights are lower, conversations are more intimate, and the artists are your collaborators. Limited to 200 guests to ensure the most intimate experience.

Saturday, June 27, 6:00 - Finding
Form: Nature and the Nude

Celebrate the exuberance and abandonof the body as artists conjure, carve shape and feel their way to and from from with the site/sight specific sculpting from life studio, body as landscape over-sizedphotograms, and a provocatove interactive concert by SAtring Theory. For informaton and tickets visit or call 884-6414. Cost: $50 members - $60 Non members.

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SBMA Nights - Art. Music. Martinis

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Now in its sixth year, Nights continues to inspire through time-based art, performance, and new media. Our unique events offer a cultural cocktail of art,music, specialty martinis, and outrageous one-night-only interactive happenings in the Museum's galleries.

Thursday, June 25, 5:30 Celebrate visual geometry, contrast and texture inspired by Brett Weston: Out of the Shadow with a special performance by String Theory in SBMA's back plaza, The Nude in Nature Collective Submissions, KCRW's DJ Jason Bentley, and Landscaping the Body: Botanical Couture, and Negative Spaces: Shadow Boxes.

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Housing for Jesusita Fire Victims

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We own and operate Santa Barbara Luxury Rentals, specializing in furnished rentals. Our contact info is:
Phone: 805-715-3900

In an effort to help out we're offering a 10% discount to fire victims  and have significant discounts on monthly rates for people who need a longer term option while their home is rebuilt/repaired. For extreme hardship cases we have a limited number of short term stays available at no charge.

If you have any questions or there is anything else that we can do to help please let us know.

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Direct Relief Distributing Face Masks at Lazy Acres, Loreto Plaza, and Goleta Valley Community Center

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Direct Relief International is doing another mask distribution at the request of County Public Health at three locations from 11 am to 2 pm. The locations


Goleta Valley Community Center (5679 Hollister Ave, Goleta)

Lazy Acres (302 Meigs Road, Santa Barbara)

Loreto Plaza (Corner of State and Las Positas, Santa Barbara)


The masks we’re distributing are N95 particulate masks, which filter out 95% of the particulate matter like ash that’s in the air. These are particularly invaluable for those with conditions like asthma and emphysema, the elderly, and those that must be outside for extended periods.


More information is available at or on our Twitter feed at You can also call my mobile line for more info.


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