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Late Night Visitors

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The heat has brought an intimidating cloud of insects to our porch light. Among them were these huge moths! One died last night ( the discheveled one). The other one showed up tonight almost as if to mourn it's friend.

Update: We were curious about the moths behavior so we called up the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum's Michael Caterino (Curator of Entomology) in hopes of getting a little bit more information. 

After seeing our picture here on City2, Michael said that it was a Sphinx Moth (hyles lineata).  They're attracted to night blooming flowers, and are native to the area.   When flying, they resemble hummingbirds.  I saw a bunch of these outside of the Coffee Cat the other day sticking their proboscides into the flowers in the tree out front.  

Many thanks to Mr. Caterino for the help!  

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