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SBMS Teen Press Reporter Logan in Wall Street Journal

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Those gathered at the ECO-nomics conference at the Bacara Thursday morning ranked Education number two in what needed the most investment and attention in these times of Economic and Environmental Crisis. Speaking out for that most precious resource as the voice of the next generation, were Logan, Marandah, and Mary of the Santa Barbara Middle School Teen Press. Mary asked a question of CEO of the year and Anne Mulcalhy, CEO of Xerox, You can read about that on Mary's Blog. Logan spoke with T. Boone Pickens, CEO of BP Capital. Logan and so impressed the Wall Street Journal's video heads that he is featured on this morning's online Wall Street Journal. You can also read Logan's take on his day yesterday, including his handshake with Al Gore on Logan's Blog. Friday, Logan and Marandah will be interviewing Jeffrey Ball, Environmental News Editor for the Wall Street Journal. Stay tuned for more stories from the Teen Press at ECO-nomics.

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