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Wires Down on W. Haley St.

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – 1/21/2010 –At approximately 11:55 am Santa Barbara City Fire crews responded to a report of wires downs on the 200 block of West Haley Street. Engine 1 arrived on scene to find multiple power poles and multiple trees on the ground. One female driver was inside a vehicle when power lines fell on her vehicle. Edison was immediately dispatched and arrived on scene within 5 minutes. She remained inside the vehicle until power had been shut off by Edison crews before she safely exited. Multiple vehicles parked along Haley Street sustained major damage due to the fallen tress and power poles. There were no reports of any injuries. Severe weather along with over saturated soil is most likely the cause for the incident. West Haley will be closed between Bath and De La Vina Street until further notice. Many Edison customers in the immediate area will be without power for an extended amount of time. 

The Santa Barbara City Fire Department wants to remind everyone of the severity when dealing with power lines. Treat all downed power lines as if they are “live” until told otherwise by Edison or Fire Department crews. 


Misc. Romance says:

wires down? How about TREES ON CARS!!!!!!?

2010-01-22 01:35:45 -0800

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