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Santa Barbara: Prepare for Rain

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – 1/15/2010 - Get Your Sandbags Ready. The National Weather Service is predicting strong winds and possible rainfall amounts over 20 inches next week in the Santa Barbara area.  Due to recent fires that burned in the areas above the Santa Barbara South Coast Area, heavy rains may result in flooding or mudslides.  The public is advised to take steps to reduce risks associated with flooding, mudslides, or isolation.

The City of Santa Barbara will open its sandbag station at the Annex Yard at 401 E. Yanonali Street on Saturday, January 16th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  After this time, the City's sandbag station will open to the public if a Flash Flood Warning is issued by the National Weather Service. 

Sandbag stations are open for local area residents to protect their property.  There is no limit on the number of sandbags area residents may take.  Residents must fill sandbags themselves and bring their own gloves.  Contractors will not be allowed to take sandbags.

Santa Barbara residents can determine if their property is located in a high flood risk area or learn how to protect their property by visiting:

A Homeowners Guide for Flood Prevention and Response is available on the County Flood Control District web site at:


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