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Vehicle Fire by the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum

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SANTA BARBARA, CA - The Santa Barbara City Fire Department responded to a report of a vehicle fire in the 100 block of Harbor Way at 5:02am this morning. Harbor Patrol units were first on scene and reported a vehicle fully involved with fire.  Firefighters arrived shortly thereafter and due to exposures to nearby buildings requested a structure fire response. Firefighters extinguished the fire and kept exposure damage to a minimum. The vehicle is owned by the City Of Santa Barbara and is a complete loss. Another City vehicle also sustained minor damage from heat due to its proximity. The vehicles were parked approximately 5 feet from the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. The Museum sustained minor exterior heat damage as well. There was no interior damage to the Museum. There were no reported injuries.

Fire investigators believe the incident to be suspicious in nature and are continuing to investigate.

- Ryan DiGuilio, SBFD

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