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City Admin Reorganization Expected to Save Santa Barbara City $200,000 Annually.

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – City Administrator Jim Armstrong is reorganizing the City Administrator’s Office effective January 1, 2010, following the departure of Assistant City Administrator Joan Kent.  An annual cost savings of $200,000 will be achieved with current department heads assuming additional responsibilities. 

 Administrative Services Director Marcelo A. López will be appointed as the new Assistant City Administrator – Administration.  Mr. López will provide oversight for the Library and Finance Departments, and the Administrative Services Department.  He will also coordinate the City’s involvement in the South Coast Youth Gang Task Force.  He has worked for the City of Santa Barbara for 13 years.  Prior work included serving as the Executive Director of the Employment and Economic Development Department in San Joaquin County and Deputy Director of the Employment and Training Department for the City of Stockton.  Mr. López received a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Licenciado degree in Latin American Studies from the University of the Pacific. 

 Community Development Director Paul Casey will be appointed as the new Assistant City Administrator – Community Development.  Mr. Casey will oversee the Airport and Parks and Recreation Departments, and the Community Development Department.  He will continue to direct Plan Santa Barbara, the City’s multi-year effort to update its General Plan.   He has worked for the City of Santa Barbara for 12 years.  He previously served the City of Santa Monica as the Assistant to the Director of Planning and Community Development, Senior Planner and Transportation Planner.  Mr. Casey received his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California at Irvine and Master’s degree in Public Affairs from the University of Texas at Austin. 

 With existing staff assuming more responsibilities, the reorganization will eliminate one senior executive position and generate a savings of over $200,000 annually. 

 “I appreciate the willingness of our department heads and staff to take on additional roles and assignments to make our organization more efficient,” said Jim Armstrong. 

-Nina Johnson, Assistant to the City Administrator

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