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Mobile Post: Loud, Explosive Car Fire on Bath and Micheltorena

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What initially got our attention was what sounded like a bomb exploding. From a block or so away, we  could see a plume of white and black smoke, rising up over the rooftops. When we wandered out onto the street we could see firefighters doing battle with said cloud of smoke (pictured above with considerably less smoke). Waking closer, we watched with the neighbors as a well-dressed young bald guy (presumably he was bald before the flames) walked towards the firefighters with his keys in hand (so they could unlock the back hatch) of what we could finally see was a late 90's Jeep Cherokee.

After a few more minutes of billowing smoke, tire explosions, and a cute female firefighter confidently shooting the thing with a big water hose, the fire was out. I spoke briefly with the driver of the car (the bald guy) and he said that it had been a family ranch car for years, and was threatening to die for quite some time. "I only had time to grab a few things and jump out because the fire started right underneath me". Though he was cheerful and happy to be safe, his hands were shaking a little.. "I didn't expect it to go out like this". 


Citizen commentators note: I will continue to do my best not make a pun using the name of the nearby corner store, 'La Bamba'.


The car kind of got worked

as you can see, there's not much Jeep left.

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