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Time To Prepare For The Upcoming Winter Rainy Season

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SANTA BARBARA - The City of Santa Barbara, in cooperation with the County of Santa Barbara, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the American Red Cross, invite you to attend an informational meeting regarding the upcoming winter rainy season and associated flooding potential in the aftermath of the Tea and Jesusita Fires. Due to the watershed damage in the foothills above the City, flooding will likely occur this winter in various areas within the City.  City and County agencies have been planning for anticipated rains and flooding since mid-July.  

The public can choose to attend a meeting from the following dates and locations over the next four months.  Meetings will start at 6:00 PM. 

Wednesday, September 23rd, Santa Barbara County School Auditorium, 4100 Cathedral Oaks Road;

Thursday, October 15th, Rockwood Woman’s Club, 670 Mission Canyon Road;

Wednesday, October 28th, American Red Cross, 2707 State Street;

Thursday, November 12th, Franklin Neighborhood Center, 1136 East Montecito St.;

Thursday, November 19th, Franklin Neighborhood Center, 1136 East Montecito St.;

(Spanish translation will be available at this meeting)

Thursday, December 10th, Downtown Library Faulkner Gallery, 40 East Anapamu St.


Agenda items include:

NOAA –Weather Forecast

City / County OES – Planning Efforts

Flood Control – Watershed Status

City Creeks – Creeks Status

Reverse 911 / Evacuations

American Red Cross – Shelters


Please join local agency representatives to learn about the City and County planning efforts and how you and your family can be prepared for flood emergencies.  For additional information visit the Office of Emergency Services web site at


Thank you to deanj for use of his excellent photo of flooding at Olive & Gutierrez in 2008.

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