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Homeless Man Killed by Train Near Brewhouse

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I wasn't really prepared to see a dead body tonight.  

I was rushing to a meeting when I got stuck on Montecito St. at the tracks, waiting for the crossing lights to end.  

After a few minutes (and noticing that there were a few guys in orange vests and shop owners peering a few hundred feet down the tracks) I  realized that the reason the gates weren't coming back up was because something terrible had just happened.  

By the time I got out of my car to take a look and talk to a few people, squad cars, firetrucks and and ambulance were there.

According to a witness and a Santa Barbara Police officer I spoke with, a homeless man (who appeared to me to be in his mid-40s) was killed by a train behind the do-it-yourself carwash (across from the Brewhouse) near Montecito St.  

A neighborhood shop owner who had been peering around the fence towards the body (which I wasn't at all expecting or prepared to see) said "this is like the third one this year man, and they're all homeless dudes".  


 *** UPDATE***  The Indy just posted a piece about this, and another similar death by train just a day later. CLICK HERE FOR STORY

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