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Today's Prescribed Pile Burning

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SANTA BARBARA - On Monday, April 18, the Santa Barbara City Fire Department will be conducting a hazardous vegetation reduction project by prescribed pile burning. In cooperation with local homeowners, the Santa Barbara City Fire Department, through the Wildland Fire Suppression Assessment District, will conclude its North Ontare Fuels Reduction Project by burning the remaining cut and dry vegetation. Since the implementation of the Wildland Fire Suppression Assessment District in 2006 over 70 acres of vegetation management have been treated. 

The burn will be conducted on property identified in the City of Santa Barbara’s Wildland Fire Plan as part of the Community Fuels Treatment Network. Vegetation management in this area is focused outside a property owners required defensible space area. This project requires the Fire Department to work with individual property owners and neighborhoods to accomplish education, assist with fuel hazard reduction projects, protect natural resources unique to the area, and help outline a maintenance program for these areas. By working with multiple property owners there is a greater impact on reducing the community threat from wildfire.

The pile burn plan has to meet specific weather requirements, be cognizant of managing smoke, and consider safe and efficient ways to administer the burn. Relative humidity, temperature, and wind speed and direction are considered among others. Adhering to specific parameters ensures firefighter safety, proper smoke management, and overall success of implementing the burn.

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-Pat Mc Elroy, Division Chief

Santa Barbara City Fire Department

photo: illustrative stock photo (and not of today's burn)


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