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Construction Begins on APS

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Santa Barbara, CA - Beginning in late July and continuing through August 2010, the City of Santa Barbara, Public Works Department, will begin construction to replace the street surface on Alameda Padre Serra (APS), from Sycamore Canyon Road west to Los Olivos Street, and on Mountain Drive from Los Olivos Street, east to Foothill Road (State Route 192).  Construction will also affect Garcia Road and East De La Guerra Street below APS.  The streets will receive a “cape seal” treatment; a three step process involving pavement preparation, chip seal, and slurry seal application to maintain and restore the street surface.

Construction will be conducted Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Full street closure and detours will be required during construction; however, emergency vehicle access will be maintained at all times.  Residents in the area may experience noise from grinders, truck back-up alarms, and other equipment noise associated with street construction. 

This maintenance project, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will help maintain the City’s transportation infrastructure.  When construction is complete, a smooth and safe driving surface for travel will be provided along the APS and Mountain Drive corridors. The Public Works Department appreciates the community’s patience and cooperation during the construction. 

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Sustainability, Stimulus Funding, and Jesusita Fire Top the Year’s Accomplishments: SB Public Works Report

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – July 20. 2010 - The City of Santa Barbara’s Public Works Department has released the inaugural 2010 Public Works Department Annual Report.  The report highlights the Department’s organization and services, City infrastructure improvements completed in Fiscal Year 2010, day-to-day operations, and special programs and events accomplished by the dedicated staff over the past 12 month period.

The 2010 Public Works Department Annual Report is intended to give the public an overview of the work accomplished and successes achieved by the Department for the benefit of the community, similar to an annual report prepared for private business investors.  The Annual Report provides the reader with an overall picture of the Department; work accomplished for the year, and explains how the Department leverages each and every dollar to extend the City’s buying power.

“Through this Annual Report, we invite you to learn about our employees and the services they provide to the community, along with some of the innovative approaches to getting our work done.” said Christine Andersen, Public Works Director.

The Public Works Department is committed to maintaining our dedication to public service through the maintenance work and infrastructure projects that the Department carries out throughout the year.  The 2010 Public Works Department Annual Report is available on-line at:

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City Council Responds to Target - Airport Not Suitable

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SANTA BARBARA, CA – 7/16/2010 -This week, the Santa Barbara City Council met in closed session to consider a possible long-term lease with Target Corporation at a 15 acre property near the Santa Barbara Airport.  The City Council expressed appreciation for Target’s interest in developing a retail location in Santa Barbara but determined that the Airport site was not a suitable location for a Target store. 

The retail operation was not considered the best fit for the light industrial site due to traffic impacts on neighboring City of Goleta and other issues.  While the Airport site was ruled out, the Council indicated their interest in helping Target find a more appropriate location in Santa Barbara.  The Council sees Target as a quality retail operation that would benefit Santa Barbara.  

Since 2004, Target Corporation has searched for a South Coast site to develop a retail store and submitted several proposals to the City of Santa Barbara to lease the Airport site.  The 15 acre site is located at 6100 Hollister Avenue, bounded by Hollister Avenue, Frederick Lopez Road, Francis Botello Road, and David Love Place.  The City Council has considered Target proposals on three occasions since 2004 and each time found the site unsuitable for retail development. 

The City of Santa Barbara says it looks forward to working with Target to find an appropriate store location. 

Editors Note: the image above is a digital illustration. 


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