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Santa Barbara Fire Dept. Responds to Structure Fire

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SANTA BARBARA, CA  - At approximately 7:15pm the Santa Barbara City Fire Department responded to a report of smoke in an apartment on Oceano Ave.  The first engine on scene discovered a working fire in a second story unit.   Three engines, the truck company and a battalion chief responded and had the fire extinguished within 10 minutes of the first report.

After an investigation by the City Fire Investigator it was determined that the fire started in the kitchen area. The cause is classified as accidental but most likely the result of a malfunctioning refrigerator. 

There were no injuries as a result of the fire however an occupant was transported to the hospital with a complaint of chest pain after exiting the apartment.

The Santa Barbara City Fire Department would like to remind everyone that it is important to inspect all old appliances for signs of potential malfunction. 

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Annual Wildland Fire Training | Today

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On Monday May 3rd and Thursday May 6th and Friday May 7th, the Santa Barbara City Fire Department will be conducting wildland fire training.  In cooperation with the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, City Firefighters will be training to re-supply and support helicopter operations during wildfire. During both the Tea and Jesusita Fires, helicopters were critical to fire control operation and saved countless homes. Santa Barbara is one of the few places in the country where firefighting helicopters operate at night.

This training will be conducted at Elings Park and water drops will be made in Hondo Canyon near Miramonte Drive. There is no live fire involved in the drills and helicopter activity in the area is for drill purposes only.

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