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40th Anniversary Earth Day Festival - Today & Tomorrow

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Santa Barbara, CA- Forty years after organizing one of the first Earth Day celebrations in the nation at the corner of State and Anapamu, the Community Environmental Council (CEC) is preparing to host a historic Santa Barbara Earth Day 40 festival at Alameda Park – adding features to the annual gathering and expanding it over two days: Saturday, April 17 and Sunday, April 18.

Santa Barbara Earth Day 40’s theme is “Bringing it Home,” underscoring the importance of bringing authentic sustainability into our own homes, as well as our larger home – our county, our bioregion, our state, our country, our planet. In line with the Community Environmental Council’s Fossil Free by ’33 campaign, “Bringing it Home” captures the power of daily choices and actions in making Santa Barbara one of the first fossil-free communities in the nation.

“The 40th anniversary is a reminder of our collective accomplishments and the local roots of what is now an international celebration,” said Sigrid Wright, Associate Director of CEC. “Earth Day brings us together to celebrate, recharge and prepare for one of the most important decades in history.”

Wright said that in the wake of the devastating 1969 oil spill off Santa Barbara’s shores, a group of local concerned citizens began talking about a different way of looking at environmental systems. Over the next few years, around the country the environmental movement was born – including the Community Environmental Council, which was incorporated in the spring of 1970. During that time, Senator Gaylord Nelson visited Santa Barbara to view the damage from the oil spill. When he returned to Washington, D.C., he introduced a bill designating April 22 as a national day to celebrate the earth. In CEC’s first act as new non-profit, it hosted one of the first Earth Day celebrations in the country.


Santa Barbara Earth Day 40 will profile more than 200 exhibitors, including cutting-edge companies in emerging green business sector and an array of regional and national environmental organizations. Other features will include a Green Home Pavilion, a Green Shorts Film Festival, a Green Car Show, and other art, educational and ecological presentations. Exhibitor registration will open Monday, February 1 at Keep current by following Santa Barbara Earth Day on Facebook & Twitter.

CEC is teaming up with LoaTree (, an eco-lifestyle company, and New Noise Media Group (, an entertainment production company, to manage large components of the marketing, entertainment, and production of the festival.

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Commercial Kitchen Fire

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SANTA BARBARA, CA –  4/15/2010 – At 5:17pm the Santa Barbara City Fire Department responded 4 engines, 1 truck and a Battalion Chief to a structure fire reported at 316 N. Milpas St.  The involved business, The Lunch Box catering company, was unoccupied at the time of the fire. First arriving fire crews used a rotor power saw to force open the door to the business and quickly extinguished the fire. Once the fire was completely extinguished, firefighters began checking for fire extension into the attic and adjacent businesses.  Immediate notification to 911 and a quick knockdown of the fire allowed both Milpas Liquor and the House of Laundry to avoid damage.  A fire investigator was called to the scene with fire crews remaining on scene to assist with salvage and overhaul of the fire area. The cause of this fire is currently under investigation.

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