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Jesse James Hollywood Found Guilty of First Degree Murder & Kidnapping

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4:51pm SANTA BARBARA - A Santa Barbara jury has convicted Jesse James Hollywood of murder & kidnapping of 15 year old Nicholas Markowitz here in the Santa Barbara mountains nine years ago.  

Hollywood, a 29-year-old orchestrated the kidnapping and murder of Markowitz over a drug debt owed by Markowitz's brother. He had been on the run for several years before he was apprehended in Brazil.

He may face the Death Penalty.  

UPDATE: Hollywood Convicted of 1st Degree Murder

UPDATE: Jesse James Hollywood Sentenced to Life without Possibility of Parole


We will update this post as we receive more information about his sentence. That part of the trial should begin during the week of 0713/09.


For more background on Hollywood, try here and here.

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