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What you can do with City2

About City2

City2 is a community site built here in Santa Barbara, CA. We host over 250 local blogs, for free! Our unique system allows locals to easily share opinions, mobile photos, news updates and other community information. Over the past 2 years, City2 has earned a reputation for being a home to smart, passionate folks who care deeply about our town.

City2 also aggregates local headlines from all the major (and minor) news and blog sources in town.


City2’s primary goal is to empower locals to have an online voice and be informed. Our site is designed to be a fun, open, and helpful service to the community. We genuinely believe that conversation and participation can improve the democratic process and make our community a better place. We have taken steps to encourage a polite and civil venue for the exchange of ideas and information .

If successful here in SB, our plan is to provide City2 to other communities. We think that’d be pretty awesome.